Jhon Kwano Congratulates the Meeting of Three Governors on 17 August 2016

Jhon Kwano Congratulates the Meeting of Three Governors on 17 August 2016

Two PNG Governors 2016
Two PNG Governors 2016 – Saying YES to Free Papua with the Sandaun Delegation

Jhon Kwano did not know that Powes Parkop as the NCD Governor of Papua New Guinea visited Port Numbay (Jayapura) on the Indonesian independence anniversary flag raising in Mandala, Port Numbay. Kwano congratulates the meeting by saying that this is historic meeting, following up their meeting in Port Moresby, PNG not long ago. Kwano says

I want to see Papuan leaders to carry out what the President of Indonesia wants. He wants us to take steps towards helping ourselves, not waiting Jakarta all the time to come and help. Papuans in West Papua and in Papua New Guinea now been given ‘green light” to work together, to build and develop our one inherited land of Papua. Many agreements have been signed since tens of years ago, many declarations at the ASEAN, MSG and PIF levels have been signed and announced, declaring that we Melanesians now have the opportunity to work together to develop ourselves.

Jhon Kwano only knew about the meeting after being updated on Facebook.com and shared by his daughter. Kwano clicked on the link and found out that Hon. Powes Parkop, MP had also updates his status related to the event.

Jhon Kwano has been working with the Baliem Arabica Cooperative based in Wamena as the Marketing & Sales Manager of the coop since 2013 and is now enthusiastic about the new opportunity that is opening now to sell Papua Coffee (Wamena Single Origin, Moanemani Single Origin, Arfak Single Origin, etc.) to the markets in Papua New Guinea and conversely to sell famous PNG Coffee Brands across Indonesian archipelago.

I have been waiting for this signal so long. There has been no such a step taken in more than ten years. We should have started from ten years ago. But it is late than never. The window is now open, the door will be open and later on the gate will also be open. Are we ready?

asks Kwano

Jhon Yonathan Kwano also had a buyer of his Morita Oil (Minyak Tawy Papua) from Ukraine who visited him in Jayapura from 14 – 20 August 2016. Jhon Kwano himself was staying at SwissBell Hotel where the three governors were staying, but did not know exactly that they were in the same hotel.

Enthusiastic Kwano also dreaming about setting up his minimarkets and kiosks across New Guinea Island to mark promote Papua Entrepreneurship across Melanesian Archipelago.



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