Vanimo Free Trade Zone Project Update: Feasibility Study

As directed by CACC (Cabinet Advisory & Consultative Committee) at its recent official meeting, the Department of Commerce and Industry is now shifting into FEASIBILITY STUDY modus operandi for Vanimo FTZ Project now. This was confirmed to me at my official meeting with Secretary for Commerce and Industry today.

We will start in March. Our investment partners led by DSI courtesy of “Mr. Freezone” Tony Restall are ready to land soon…after final administrative arrangements.

Vanimo, Sandaun and PNG, I tell you to believe in God because the new super-dynamic economic paradigm shift in Vanimo, the backward last, is going to bring positive HDI, GDI and boost our GDP big-time soon.

Whilst awaiting final NEC approval we are now commencing the local stakeholders/banks/investors pre-mobilization phase consistent with above decision now, so local investors are invited to join us.

Thankyou Governor Tony Wouwou and Prime Minister Peter O’Neil and your respective governments. Credit must be accorded where it is due.

More positive updates next week..keeping you all informed because it is your right to know the correct facts on progress,

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  • Thank you uncle/Chairman John Talu Tekwie. It’s been a journey, long time coming. 26 years on, you still had that burning passion and the heart for the people of Sandaun.

    On behalf of the Port Moresby Committee, I appeal to all my Sandaun wantoks/relatives/elites to support us (Port Moresby Committee Free Trade Zone Project Committee) drive this project to fruition.

    We will continue to run awareness as we did in 2018. We want to ensure everyone understands the developments this project will bring about and the appreciate its benefits both in the short and long term.

    Vanimo/Sandaun is set to develop. Let’s bring it on in 2019.

    And a kind reminder to the Port Moresby Committee, we will have our 1st meeting for 2019 this Saturday at 9am, Nature Park Restaurant (usual venue).


    Project Liason Coordinator
    Port Moresby Free Trade Zone Committee


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