You now pay less for internet in Papua New Guinea

You now pay less for internet in Papua New Guinea


IT’S official. Internet rates for consumers using Telikom PNG and Bmobile have been slashed by between 70 and 80 per cent.

In what is a landmark moment in the telecommunication sector, Communication and Energy Minister Rainbo Paita said the lowering of internet rates would facilitate “higher and more efficient communication among our citizens”.

“We will now enjoy major reductions in fixed mobile data prices by the Kumul Telikom Holdings through its subsidiaries Bmobile and Telikom PNG,” he said.
“On average, internet prices have been reduced by 70 to 80 per cent.

“These are permanent price changes and not just a one-off campaign.

Paita said it was consistent with the Government’s plan to transform and grow the country’s economy, cultivate new practices and provide new jobs.

“This massive reduction in rates will also involve higher and efficient communication among our citizens,” he said.

Paita said information and communication technology was a cross-cutting enabler to transform the country economically. He said customers should expect continuous price reductions in all products including fixed internet services on fibre, assymetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) and fixed wireless broadband.

“This reduction should encourage more Papua New Guinea citizens to start more small medium enterprises and businesses as well as enable increased productivity for existing companies.

Telikom PNG began reducing its rates on Monday (July 1).

Bmobile began at 12:01am yesterday (July 03).

Telikom PNG’s 2GB (gigabytes) for seven days which previously cost K18 will now be K10.

Bmobile’s 150MB (megabytes) for seven days was previously K10. It will be now be 2GB for K12.

The new data rates for Bmobile are: 500 megabytes (MB) for one day for K3; 1 gigabyte (GB) for three days for K6; 2GB for seven days for K12; 10GB for 30 days for K55 and 20GB for 30 days for K150.

Telikom PNG’s new rates are: 1BG for one day for K5; 2GB for seven days for K10; 20GB for 30 days for K95; 50GB for 30 days for K230; 100GB for 30 days for K450, and 200GB for 30 days at K875. Telikom PNG’s sales and marketing manager Silas Matoli said they expected an influx of customers given the reduction in internet cost.

“With the current capacity, we are able to cater for the increased demand in bandwidth. But if there is any need, (obviously) we will go back to DataCo PNG Ltd which is the wholesale, to add on more value,” he said.

Matoli said there would be a decline in revenue to the company but they had plans to cushion that.

“We are looking at aggressively going into the market and getting all the market shares.”



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