New agreement focuses on growth of small businesses

The National PNG

HUMAN Development Institute (HDI) and the Women’s Micro Bank (WMB) last week signed a memorandum of agreement for the growth of micro and small to medium enterprises in the country.

Through this partnership, informal sector clients will go through training from HDI, whereas WMB will ensure credit facility to the graduated clients.

The credit will be supervised by HDI to ensure the amounts accessed by the customer are being utilised in the MSME sector and informal sector.

This is to ensure access to credit by skilled and trained customers to start or upgrade their income-generating activities.

“Savings should be the first expenditure of income, not the last,” says Gunanidhi Das, general manager of WMB. Access to finance and imbibing savings culture is the pillar of success for informal entrepreneurs and MSME sector.”

Bank chairman Ricky Mitio said: “Breaking cultural barriers by providing access to finance to women entrepreneurs will bring economic prosperity in informal sector, and increase livelihood for under-privileged families in an inclusive manner.”

Founder and chairman of HDI, Samuel Tam said: “With the support of WMB, HDI PV business scheme is now a great opportunity for all Papua New Guineans to learn business-class knowledge and thinking to develop, manage and own profitable income-generating projects or businesses from micro, small, medium and large enterprise in all types of industries including agriculture and livestock, fisheries, timber, horticulture, art-and-craft, processing, manufacture, IT, retail, wholesale, cooking, hospitality, export, import and others.”

HDI is a leading nationwide training provider registered with the National Training Council of Papua New Guinea.

Outspan pays out K325,000 to Mamose growers

OUTSPAN PNG Ltd has rewarded cocoa growers in Mamose with incentives totalling K325,000 through its Rainforest Alliance incentive payout programme.
Farmers in Yangoru and Angoram, East Sepik, received K125,000 while those in Madang received K90,000 and Markham in Morobe K110, 000.

The premium payments were determined by volumes supplied through various sustainability programmes aimed at improving crop yields, quality and farmer livelihoods.
East Sepik Cocoa Board regional manager Daryll Worimo Wobar acknowledged Outspan’s efforts.

He said it added value by bringing buyers directly to farms on a regular basis to understand more about how cocoa was grown in the country.
Wobar said no other export business had implemented such projects like Outspan with its unwavering approach to directly invest in farmers that supply cocoa beans.
National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority regional manager Sophie Numbuk was impressed to witness cocoa farmers receive additional incentives for their efforts in cocoa.

She said there was an increasing market interest for quality PNG cocoa beans due to the unique flavor.

Numbuk encouraged farmers to continue applying best practices to meet future demand.

In Madang, 250 farmers were rewarded on Thursday.

Division of primary industry assistant director Godfreid Savi said there was no better example of working in partnership than what Outspan was undertaking in Madang.

He said the approach between Outspan and farmers, involving various stakeholders, was reaping rewards in the development of cocoa Industry in country.

Savi said farmers’ efforts to boost cocoa production in Madang resulted in K61 million being paid to them in 2018 compare to K40 million in 2017.

He said the Outspan and Rainforest Alliance programme demonstrated real passion and true heart for cocoa farmers.

The company also conducts cocoa sustainability projects in East Sepik, Madang, Morobe and East New Britain in conjunction with international chocolate companies Mars, Lindt and Puratos.

The programmes aim to improve farmers’ livelihoods by providing free training support, tools, seedling distribution, market access support and reward programmes.

Source: The National PNG

Cocoa boost eyed for Markham

A landowner group in the Umi-Atzera LLG, of Markham district, will enter a joint venture with Mainland Holdings Ltd (MHL) to use their land for a cocoa development project.
In 2016, farmers in Markham alone earned K5 million from cocoa production.

Information from the PNG Cocoa Board during the period indicated that the district topped the province in cocoa production. More than 1000 hectares of land within the vicinity of the once-renowned Markham Peanut Butter facility will now be turned into a large-scale cocoa development project area.

Garam locals from Wafibampung village near the Leron plains have accepted an invitation from MHL to participate in this project.

MHL is the lease-holder of the land on which one of its subsidiary companies, Niugini Table Birds, operates the Garam Breeder Farm.

The company has used its discretion to formally invite landowners to participate in this business venture to improve and maximise landowner participation.
Six villages consisting of five clans, with a population of more than 7000 men, women and children, will be involved in this project.

Markham district development authority chief executive Henry Mileng said it was a significant opportunity provided by the company to involve local landowners.

He said Markham DDA would provide technical support to assist landowners prepare for the project.

Mileng said landowner participation would improve the rural economy and the lives of the people living in the surrounding communities. Garam landowners’ chairman Kevin Rifi said the landowners would work together for the benefit of the project.

“We have been waiting for such a large-scale impact project over the years,” he said.

“Markham is blessed with this massive landmass and to have a project of this magnitude is a blessing to us.”

Source: The National PNG

Papua New Guinea’s government has been given until tomorrow to account for all assets used during this year’s APEC meetings

These assets include Maseratis and other luxury vehicles acquired by the state for use during APEC 2018 which culminated in the Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby last month.

The Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari said the government wanted more time to finalise the APEC inventory which they would present to the Commission.

The Post Courier reported that the Ombudsman Commission granted the government an extension until 18 December.

However, the government is still waiting for a number of assets to be returned.

The government advertised through the Central Supplies and Tenders Board for all APEC assets to be returned.

It has warned people that failure to return assets is illegal, and that those who hold on to them will be “severely dealt with”.

Meanwhile, PNG’s Minister for APEC said that all the Maseratis used during the APEC Summit would now be going through a tender process for those interested in buying the vehicles.

Justin Tkatchenko told Loop PNG that most of all the vehicles have already been booked by interested parties who would have to go through the tender process before they were handed over to the buyers.

He said for now the government no longer had anything to do with the luxury vehicles, which were the subject of controversy when imported for the summit.

“They are now being handed over to the Central Supplies and Tenders Board, and the Finance Department, where they will then tender them out and sell them to those that are interested in those vehicles,” he explained to local media.

“I believe that most of the vehicles have already been booked.”


Pendiri Kamar Adat Pengusaha Papua tuding KLB II ilegal

Jayapura, Jubi – Satu diantara pendiri Kamar Adat Pengusaha (KAP) Papua, Ferdinand Okoseray  menilai kegiatan Konferensi Luar Biasa (KLB) II yang digagas oleh tim 7 pada 11-13 Desember 2018 ilegal. Ini karena konferensi tersebut tidak memenuhi aturan organisasi AD/ART.

Kata dia, yang seharusnya mengadakan konferensi adalah mereka (panitia) yang di bentuk oleh ketua umum atau badan pengurus pusat Kamar Adat Pengusaha Papua (KAP).

“Seluruh ketua-ketua kebanyakan peserta konferensi itu sendiri belum memenuhi persyaratan sebagai anggota KAP, karena mereka semua itu belum melaksanakan tugasnya sesuai dengan SK yang diberikan yaitu melaksanakan konferensi di kabupaten/kota masing-masing, sehingga mereka tidak punya hak sebagai peserta dalam rapat atau konferensi untuk memutuskan sesuatu,” kata Ferdinand, Minggu (16/12/2018).

Ferdinand Okoseray  juga memprotes Pemerintah yang tanpa melakukan penelusuruan langsung mengizinkan konferensi digelar. Harusnya pemerintah melakukan kajian sebelum menyetujui proposal yang diajukan.

“Pembinaan itu tidak jalan, seolah-olah hanya menghabiskan dana di akhir tahun 2018 dan bagi-bagi uang saja. Dan teman-teman lain yang masuk ini yang sebenarnya tidak tahu asal mana langsung masuk pagar KAP dan ikut konferensi tanpa ikut prosedur organisasi,” katanya.

Pendiri KAP menilai konferensi kali ini terkesan dipaksakan dan sarat akan kepentingan segelintir orang. Untuk itulah ia menilai konferensi ini ilegal dan tak sah.

“Jadi konferensi di BLK dok 9 kemarin itu ilegal dengan syarat dan kepentingan orang lain, bukan kepentingan pengusaha asli Papua itu sendiri atau bukan untuk memberdayakan atau memperkuat organisasi KAP ke depan,” katanya.

Ke depan, kata Ferdi, harus ada pertemuan konsulidasi terhadap anggota yang terlibat dalam konferensi luar biasa tersebut dan duduk bersama untuk memperbaiki kebijakan-kebijakan atau struktur organisasi di KAP.

“Teman-teman yang kemarin itu harus sadar terutama tim tujuh sebagai pengguna dana Rp55 Miliar kalau perlu mereka semua harus duduk bersama-sama dan bikin laporan pertanggung jawaban terkait pengunaan uang selama ini dan sejauh mana perkembangan usaha mereka, bikin apa saja di tempat mereka kalau tidak polisi pegang saja karena itu merugikan gubernur dan tidak pakai uang sesuai proposal yang mereka ajukan,”


Sebelumnya Konferensi Luar Biasa (KLB) II Kamar Adat Pengusaha (KAP) Papua yang berlangsung selama tiga hari mulai tanggal 11-13 Desember 2018 secara resmi menetapkan Musa Haluk sebagai ketua baru Dewan Pengurus Pusat KAP-Papua periode 2018-2023.

“Dengan kepengurusan baru, kami akan kasih menyala api yang selama ini padam dan kami berkomitmen membawa KAP lebih baik lagi seperti masa kejayaan Alm. Jhon Haluk,” kata Musa Haluk kepada wartawan. (*)

Singapore Officially Backs a CryptoCurrency and Establishes it as their Official Coin

It’s finally happened. A major worldwide government has just bestowed a huge vote of confidence and legitimacy onto the world of cryptocurrencies. Singapore, in an unprecedented move, just announced that they are officially adopting a certain cryptocurrency as Singapore’s official coin!

Virtual Citizenship Program(VCP) is their next step for promoting their new coin. There is not much information out yet, but according to official announcement, even small investors have ability to get V-Citizenship. Meaning that you will get official ID card and are virtual citizen of Singapore.

The government of Singapore just informed us that they have chosen a preferred firm for the purchase and marketing of their new coin – CashlessPay Group. The sales of Singapore’s coin officially started November 30 of 2018 and currently these coins can be bought only from CashlessPay Group.

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In fact, Singapore’s deputy minister of finance, Lee Hsien Loong, informed us that their new official coin starting price is just S$0.0014 cents!

That’s right, their coin is incredibly inexpensive in comparison to most other coins out there. Bitcoin for example trades at S$14,453.39 at the time of this writing, and Ethereum, trades at around S$1123.9.

In fact we were able to get Sir Richard Branson’s thoughts on Singapore’s new coin and this is what he had to say:

A few of us at CNBC were curious enough to buy a couple coins just to see how everything looks and what the trading fees are like.

It was fairly easy to get the coins, but I will show you the whole process below for those that are interested.



PNG continues to import skilled workers: Dept

Papua New Guinea will continue to import 95 per cent of its technical skills workforce from overseas, says Department of Works’ director of human resources Michael Sula.
He said this was because of 25 years’ absence in training and testing local apprentice graduates in trade pre-employment technical training (PETT) courses to maintain required strength.

There is an urgent need for certified tradesmen and women in the country.

Trade testing and training facilities, including supervisors in various technical skills to assess and recommend graduates that come through apprenticeship programmes, was outmoded in 1993.

Sula told The National that due to influx of investors, the country required a skilled workforce including mechanics, heavy equipment fitters, electricians, fabricators and welders, among others.

“We need more local skilled people in extractive and manufacturing industries” he said.

The DoW, with approval from the National Apprenticeship Trade Testing Board resurrected the National Rebuild Centre (NRC) in Lae in 2016 and has so far graduated 48 skilled people.

The NRC this year graduated eight heavy equipment fitter apprentices in block course 1 after eight weeks.

They were from HBS Lae, Hidden Valley and Simberi, Hornibrooks and Mainland Holdings Ltd.

The apprenticeship trade training is a four-year programme involving internal and external activities.

Certified assessors appraise the apprentices before certifying them as tradesmen and women.

Sula said when the Government made redundant the plant and transport branch (PTB) in 1993, the apprenticeship training programme was also shelved until the National Apprenticeship Trade Testing Board resurrected it in 2008 with first graduates in 2016.

“However, we still needed to improve the facilities and training equipment to ensure additional courses apart from current programmes in heavy equipment fitting, motor mechanics, auto electrical, panel beating and spray painting,” he said.

Foreign affairs boss wants business at border boosted


Papua New Guinea and Indonesia have to develop economic activities along the border, Foreign Affairs and Trade Secretary Barbara Age says.
This is for West Sepik and Indonesia’s Papua Province.

Age was speaking yesterday during an economic development cooperation forum between PNG and Indonesia in Port Moresby

“We are seeing huge opportunities along the border in Batas/Wutung,” Age said. “There is greater potential to enhance business activities along the border by establishing the necessary mechanisms.

“For instance, establishing an economic zone along the border, and the necessary infrastructure and facilities, could contribute to greater cross-border trade.”

Meanwhile, a senior Indonesian government official said there was more economic potential to be developed between the two countries,

“The potential is there, but unfortunately, not many people from both countries know about it and also that we share the same land border,” Asia-Pacific and African affairs directorate general-secretary Rossy Verona said.

“That’s why we are having such a meeting so that we will identify the challenges and move on.

“We want to share a lot of cooperation with PNG, we want to share the potential of our state-owned companies, we want to develop more cooperation along the border .
“PNG is an important partner to Indonesia and we need to develop our border to develop well.”

Verona is leading the joint Indonesian government and business delegation to meet with their PNG counterparts to discuss potential economic activities between both countries.

Age has praised Indonesian Ambassador Ronald Manik for his effort in finalising the extradition treaty between Indonesia and PNG.

“This treaty, which came into force in 2018, is promoting relationships between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia,” she said

Age also thanked the Indonesian government for helping PNG host a successful Apec Leaders’ Summit, help with the supply of formal attire for staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, protocol training and training for Apec Joint Security Task Force members in small arms and light weapons.

Upaya KAP Papua membangkitkan ekonomi OAP

RATUSAN pedagang memadati halaman kantor Gubernur Papua. Mereka datang memenuhi undangan Kamar Adat Pengusaha (KAP) Papua untuk mengikuti pameran akbar yang digelar KAP-Papua dengan tema “Kebangkitan Ekonomi Rakyat Orang Asli Papua”.

Kegiatan tersebut berlangsung 27-28 November 2018. Sejumlah mama-mama penjual noken ikut ambil bagian bersama pengusaha OAP di bidang aksesoris khas Papua, sanggar kulit kayu, pengusaha cafe kopi, salon, toko, dan perbengkelan.

Markus Kabes, pemilik bengkel mobil Rehobot, ketika wawancarai Jubi, mengatakan kegiatan “Kebangkitan Ekonomi Rakyat Orang Asli Papua” sangat penting dan positif.

“Ajang ini diadakan supaya kita bisa tahu bahwa kita sedang berjalan menuju ke arah yang kebangkitan ekonomi orang Papua, di sini kita juga bisa tahu dan bisa mengukur kemampuan ekonomi OAP sudah sampai di mana,” kata Max.

Sekarang, lanjutnya, baru merasakan masing-masing punya ilmu yang dikembangkan bisa menjadi nilai tersendiri untuk dapat dijual. Kegiatan tersebut juga bertujuan memperbaiki taraf hidup orang asli Papua ke arah yang lebih bagus dan lebih mandiri agar bisa menyejahterakan keluarga.

“Gerakan ini dapat memotivasi kita untuk bersaing dengan saudara non Papua, karena saat ini kita tidak bisa duduk saja dan menonton usaha mereka, tapi mari kita bangkit di bidang ekonomi,” kata Max, yang sudah menjalankan usaha bengkelnya selama 9 tahun di jalan SPG Taruna Bakti Waena Kota Jayapura.

Max mengaku baru pertama kali bergabung dengan kegiatan KAP-Papua dan diberi kesempatan untuk pameran.

Max mengusulkan agar pemerintah melalui KAP bisa memberikan bantuan kepada mereka yang serius dalam menjalankan usaha. Sebab bantuan untuk mereka yang menekuni usaha bertahun-tahun tidak pernah disalurkan dana dan jarang diperhatikan. Ini perlu agar mereka yang menekuni usaha bertahun-tahun tidak kecewa.

“Yang menjadi kendala dalam menjalankan usaha adalah modal, usaha tanpa modal tidak akan berjalan dan tidak akan berkembang,” katanya.

Ia berharap pengurus KAP-Papua ke depan dapat bekerja bagus dan jujur kepada masyarakat dan bersikap transparan kepada semua pedagang dan pengusaha OAP. Terlebih soal dana dari pemerintah yang diberikan sesuai dengan kamampuan dan besar-kecil jenis usaha yang mereka tekuni, serta apa yang mereka butuhkan. Sebab hal itu akan membantu orang asli Papua untuk bangkit, mandiri, dan sejahtera.

“Harapan kami kepada KAP-Papua, karena pihak bank selama ini tidak bisa membantu dalam hal memberikan pinjaman modal dan KAP-Papua sebagai perpanjangan tangan pemerintah harus bekerja maksimal untuk merangkul semua pedagang dan pengusaha orang asli Papua,” katanya.

Ketua Kamar Adat Pengusaha (KAP) Papua Merry Yoweni ketika ditemui Jubi di kantornya, mengatakan kegiatan pameran akbar merupakan sejarah pertama kali yang dibuat KAP-Papua sejak  berdiri 2006-2013 hingga akhirnya KAP-Papua diakui pemerintahan Guberur Papua Lukas Enembe.

“Pemerintah mengesahkan KAP-Papua hingga saat ini dengan eksekusi bantuan bentuk hibah kepada semua pengusaha asli Papua lebih dari 7 ribu rekening dan ini pertama kali dilakukan pameran setelah 7 September 2017 kami melakukan deklarasi kebangkitan ekonomi orang asli Papua,” kata Merry.

Pada 2017 sekitar 20-an asosiasi lokal mengakui KAP-Papua sebagai organisasi induk pengusaha Papua. Itu dilakukan untuk memenuhi persyarakatan memproses Pergub No. 45 tahun 2017 tentang Kamar Adat Pengusaha Papua.

“Dalam pameran ini kami ingin menyampaikan kepada pemerintah bahwa animo masyarakat tentang dunia usaha naik meskipun ada image negatif yang terbangun di luar, baik media sosial maupun media massa dan kehadiran kemarin menunjukkan ekonomi sangat penting dalam kehidupan kami,” katanya.

Ia menambahkan pameran kemarin hanya sebagai momen untuk menunjukkan kepada pemerintah bahwa anak-anak muda Papua juga bisa.

“Ini akan menyadarkan agar tanah kami ini menjadi sorotan banyak dunia, kesadaran ini menjadi roh kebangkitan orang Papua ke depan,” katanya.

Ia menyebutkan KAP-Papua sudah menampung lebih 10 ribu pengusaha, namun yang menjadi masalah pengurus adalah KAP-Papua tidak memiliki dana operasional setiap tahun sehingga untuk memastikan dan memvalidasi data menjadi terkendala. Padahal itu penting untuk antisipasi agar tidak muncul proposal saja.

“Asosiasi-asosiasi KAP-Papua sudah terbentuk di kabupaten dan kota, namun masih memiliki kelemahan yaitu ketua dan pengurus belum bisa menjalankan 90 persen organisasi, karena terkendala bekerja sama dengan pemerintahan setempat,” katanya.

Ia menambahkan mereka yang sudah mendapatkan modal bantuan 3 tahun ini kurang lebih total Rp 55 miliar. Dana tersebut didistribusikan langsung Pemprov Papua ke setiap OAP. Total 7 ribuan rekening pengusaha.

“Prosesnya dana tidak diberikan kepada KAP-Papua, tetapi KAP-Papua menyiapkan semua data lalu memasukan ke keuangan, dikirim lagi ke Biro Hukum untuk dibuatkan SK Gubernur sehingga SK Gubernur itu menjadi dasar untuk disalurkan ke masyarakat melalui rekening masing-masing, secara kelembagaan KAP-Papua aman dan ini sistem yang baik untuk terus dijalankan,” katanya.

Kata Merry, kehadiran KAP-Papua ke depan diharapkan mengeksekusi tiga persen dana Otsus untuk ekonomi orang asli Papua. Ekonomi ini yang selama ini mandeg dan KAP-Papua ada pada posisi tersebut untuk merangkul semua pengusaha Papua. (*)

Sumber: TablidJubi

Catatn Marinus Yaung di Halaman Facebook Pribadinya

Kalau berita tentang penolakan Gubernur Papua terhadap proposal PT. Inalum ttg mekanisme kepemilikan saham 10 persen Papua dikelola oleh BMUD ” palsu ” yakni PT. Indocopper Investama, muncul di bursa efek Singapore dan London tempat yang merupakan pasar bagi PT. Inalum menerbitkan surat utang globalnya utk mendapatkan pinjaman 58 Trilyunan dlm rangka mengakuisisi saham mayoritas Freeport, pasti para investor atau pemegang obligasi akan berpikir ulang utk meminjamkan uangnya ke PT. Inalum.

Hebat betul ya, aset sumber daya alam Papua dlm bentuk aset 51 persen saham Freeport, dijadikan jaminan oleh PT. Inalum di pasar perdangan Singapore dan London tanpa libatkan atau bicara dengan orang Papua. Aset Inalum yang mencapai 100 trilyun itu menurut saya tdk cukup kuat meyakinkan para pemegang obligasi kalau tidak di dukung dengan presentasi Inalum soal cadangan emas, tembaga, bahkan mungkin juga uranium yg masih terkandung dalam perut bumi pegunungan Nemengkawai dan tanah adat Amungsa. Cadangan SDA Papua itu yg meyakinkan investor pasar London rebutan membeli surat obligasi PT. Inalum. Dalam waktu singkat sejak Global bond direalis 8 November 2018 oleh PT. Inalum di Pasar London, seperti pisang goreng ludes terjual. Memang bisnis jual beli saham itu ternyata lebih jahat dan tdk punya rasa kemanusian.

Bapak Gubernur Lukas Enembe lebih baik tutup pembicaraan atau negosiasi dengan PT. Inalum dan Pemerintah pusat soal divestasi saham Freeport. BMUD yang bapak Gubernur usulkan ke Pemerintah Pusat tgl 12 November 2018 kemarin ditolak Pemerintah karena tdk punya aset. Lebih baik BMUD yang bapak Gubernur usulkan itu, segera bertindak sendiri mencari modal pinjaman atau aset ke investor asing lainnya. Saya pikir pinjaman dana segar bisa di dapat dari perusahan dan pasar. Soal pasar, Thiongkok sangat potensial dan bisa dapat pinjaman dgn cepat dan saya siap bantu utk dapat pinjaman dari pasar Thiongkok !

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